Adult in 2021: student loan in memes

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The problem with student loan in UK and US is a pretty big deal. This is exactly what the average student falls asleep with and wakes up in the morning. This shade pursues many people for half of their lives. Important to notice, according to financial experts, more than 80 percent of student loans will not be closed within the next 30 years. All, what students can do today − consider this as a joke. What else remains? Here you can see memes, selected by us all over the internet.

Life (loan) path


Life chain for modern man is impressive. First, you get a loan to go to college. Then, you will lacking a sleep, to be able to pass exams. After that − graduating and thoughts about finding a job to pay off a student loan. Finally, tough work for years, even decades, for sake of loan repayment. After a “while”: late to live well?

The interest sucks

First bill

Banks use enormous interest rates for student loans. Many successful loan cases are having link to insurance settlement.

Financial system paradox

student loan

Often, when a student applies to a bank for next loan to repay previous one, he may hear from the manager that he has “too many financial obligations. “Really, why am I sitting here in front of you?” It’s just frustrating.

Loan forgiveness is a myth


One of previous years shows, that about 30,000 students in the United States appealed to government about forgiveness of their financial obligations. Only every 1 of 100 were approved – all other appeals were rejected.

Alike Frodo’s 6 month journey

Its over

However, it lasts a little longer. Usually, student gets loan for 10 years, but it takes 20 years to pay off an obligation, in average. For mechanical engineer in the United States will take 29 years for complete repayment. In case of journalist in US, it will take over 60 years to close student loan obligation.

Loan impacts the retirement


Retirement planning is for people who reaching this point. Many Americans cannot afford themselves retirement, because they simply lacking of livelihood. This is also a consequence of student lending problem.

Adulthood in chains

wall street

College used to make people wealthy, but that’s in the past. People often taking new loans to repay old ones. A car, a mortgage, family needs and an endless student loan literally handcuff a person.

Can afford some tricks to yourself?


To be serious, the government offers some interesting ways to repay student loan faster and more efficiently. One of them − Income Based Repayment Plans by the Department of Education. In addition, some states offering to cover part of your student loan within population rising program.

If you’re lucky, your mom will close your loan

Thank you mom

In some fortuned cases – parents can help you out. However, be prepared to mass envy. What did you want? Student loan is a big deal – we have already proved it.

Hope to stay young, after the loan is paid?


Most important that it’s over, isn’t it?