10 little-known facts about Ferrari

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The world famous Italian company has been producing first-class cars for 60 years, and over the years its reputation has only strengthened. In the modern world, Ferrari is the symbol of competition, status and speed. But despite the popularity of the brand, there are some facts that have been hidden before, informs novate.ru.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The superiority of Pininfarina.

In the early 50s there was a meeting of Enzo Ferrari and Battista Farina, founder of the legendary firm Pininfarina.

As a result, the company became a design firm for Ferrari. However, since 1951 just two cars have been designed by Farina. The first car was 1973 Dino 308 GT4, and the second – 2013 LaFerrari, the first hybrid supercar. Despite this, the company Ferrari announced that the company Pininfarina is a leading design firm.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

Ferrari Theme Park.

Today Ferrari company went far beyond the auto industry and the theme park Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi confirms this.

The visitors of the park can feel themselves inside a giant car plant. The park was opened in 2010. There are unique rides, including roller coasters. For $ 160, visitors can test drive the Ferrari California.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The most expensive car – a Ferrari.

The most expensive car in the world is Ferrari 250 GTO. In 1963, there were released 39 cars, and in 2013 the car cost $ 52 million.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The first Ferrari car.

Few people know that, technically, the first car was Ferrari Auto Avio Construzioni 815 (Tipo 815), which was designed and assembled by Enzo and his team in 1940.

Alfa Romeo company didn’t give the right to install on Ferrari cars their logo. In 1947, Enzo presented the world a new car Ferrari 125 S. This was a 100% Ferrari with a powerful 1.5-liter 12-cylinder engine.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The year that the company would like to forget.

The company has won 16 awards for engineering achievements, which is more than anyone else. In 1980, it turned out that the company was on 10th place with 8 points. But only in 1979 it received another award for engineering achievements.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

It helped to create the GT40.

In 1963 Henry Ford held negotiations with Ferrari about the acquisition of his company. When Ford had enough money to buy the company, he was informed that Ferrari doesn’t sell the company. It is rumored that they had argued over the races, and Ferrari broke the deal.

Ford was seriously angry and decided to create a car that would have exceeded the Ferrari. As the result GT40 car was born of anger, in the name of revenge and became the ancestor of American supercars.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

Enzo for the Vatican.

In 2004, Ferrari presented the 400th and last car Enzo with the V12 6-liter, twin engine. It was designed for Pope John II. But Pope put the car up for auction, and the proceeds were given to the victims of the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The most highly paid athletes.

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather – these athletes have been considered the best in their sports.

They also were among the highest paid in the world. Ferrari company was proud of the fact that its athletes were the best and most expensive. Don’t forget about the legendary Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher. He was number one in the Forbes list for two years with an income of $ 110 million.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

Supply and demand.

In the world of supercars the important thing is not the number of cars sold, but their exclusivity and rarity. This is why many manufacturers produce small series of supercars. A small number of vehicles only fuels the interest and regulates high cost. Good example is the new car LaFerrari. There were released 499 cars, which were sold out long before the release.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

Not only racing cars.

This multi-billion company is mainly engaged in production of cars for the race, but it also has other brands that work in other directions. 30 stores all over the world (do not forget about online shops) annually bring 1.5 billion dollars, due to the desire of people to buy anything that is related to the company Ferrari.